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September 28, 2015: Cranial Perforator Injury – Clutch Mechanism of Cranial Perforators Fails, Drills into Brain

Cranial Perforator Injury Update – A cranial perforator is a medical devices used in neurosurgery to cut the bone and drill a small hole into the patient’s skull so that the surgeon can access the brain. In order to protect the brain from being damaged by the drilling, most cranial perforators have a clutch feature that automatically stops the drill once the skull has been penetrated.

In some unfortunate cases however, the automatic feature that stops the drill after it has perforated the skull fails, and the brain is pierced. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Safety Alert for Human Medical Products, more than 300 medical device reports resulting in over 200 injuries have been reported in relation to the failure of cranial perforators’ automatic clutch mechanisms.

Data collected by the FDA suggests that the failure of the clutch feature of cranial perforators is “not specific to any manufacturer or brand of devices.” Surgeons can reduce to risk of these devices failing to disengage through proper use, patient considerations, and device selection in accordance with the device’s instructions for use.

Consequences of Cranial Perforator Failure

The possible injuries from a failed clutch mechanism include:

• perforation of the brain’s protective covering just beneath the skull
• bleeding (hemorrhage)
• brain contusion
• cerebral tissue damage
• decreased function of the brain (neurological deficit)

Injuries that result from cranial perforator clutch failure may include seizures, damage to the portion of the brain responsible for language, delayed/prolonged hospital stays, and the need for additional procedures.

To see for information about Cranial Perforators Clutch Failure visit FDA Cranial Perforators.

Doctors and patients are encouraged to contact the FDA to report cranial perforator adverse events at MedWatch.

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