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August 19, 2016: Honeywell Issues Eyewash Recall Due To Potential Contamination

Eyewash Recall News – Honeywell has issued a recall for one production lot of 32-ounce bottles of Eyesaline Eyewash solution because the product has the potential to be contaminated with Klebsiella pneumonia. The recalled eyewash is used for emergency eye rinsing after an injury.

About Klebsiella

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Klebsiella is a type of “bacteria that can cause different types of healthcare-associated infections, including pneumonia, bloodstream infections, wound or surgical site infections, and meningitis.” Although Klebsiella can be found in the intestines of healthy individuals, it can cause infections in the frail or in individuals who are exposed to the bacteria as the the result of certain medical procedures or products. For example, a patient can be exposed to the bacteria via contaminated medical products including ventilators or iv catheters; person-to-person by the contaminated hands of healthcare workers; and/or environmental contamination.

Eyewash Recall Information

According to the Honeywell press release:

“Eyesaline Eyewash is sold through industrial sales distributors. Approximately 9,700 32-ounce bottles with lot number F16091-61 are subject to recall. No other lot number of the product is subject to this recall.

Distributors must stop distribution of the affected product and return it to Honeywell for credit or replacement. Commercial-industrial users of the product should also check whether their Eyesaline Eyewash is subject to recall. If it is, customers should stop using the solution and contact their distributor for replacement or credit.

The affected product and lot number can be identified as follows:

• Product: 32 ounce Eyesaline Eyewash
• Lot number: F16091-61 (no other lot number is subject to recall)
• The lot number can be found on the outside of the product case, shown at left, and on individual bottles, as shown on the right below.”

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