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August 14, 2020: FDA is Advising consumers not to use Goldenseal Root Powder Distributed by Maison Terre

Goldenseal Root Powder FDA Warning News – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning to consumers and health care professionals to avoid using Goldenseal Root Powder, repackaged and distributed by Maison Terre, due to a microbial contamination.

Goldenseal Root Powder FDA Warning Information

On August 14, the FDA warned consumers and health care professional not to use Goldenseal Root Powder, repackaged and distributed by Maison Terre of Little Rock, AK, due to being contaminated with various bacteria, including multiple pathogens. Lab analysis by the FDA uncovered the bacteria.

Serious infections can arise through continued use of the contaminated Goldenseal Root Powder product. Severe outcomes could include death, especially in vulnerable patients with compromised immune systems and infants. The FDA is aware of an infant death associated with use of this contaminated product on the umbilical cord stump.

The FDA recommended on August 5 and today that Maison Terre recall their affected Goldenseal Root Powder product. To date, Maison Terre has not taken action to remove this dangerous, contaminated product from the market.

Consumers who use Goldenseal Root Powder sold by Maison Terre should contact health care professionals if they notice any negative symptoms.

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