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January 19, 2018: CDC Alerts Public To Jimmy John’s Salmonella Montevideo Outbreak Link

Jimmy John’s Salmonella Montevideo Outbreak Alert – On January 19, 2018, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that in conjunction with the FDA, and public health and regulatory officials in several states, they are investigating a multistate outbreak of Salmonella Montevideo foodborne illnesses.

According to the CDC Announcement, eight people across three states have been infected with the outbreak strain of Salmonella Montevideo. The number of illnesses reported by state is as follows: Illinois (2), Minnesota (1), and Wisconsin (5). Illness onset dates ranged from December 20, 2017 to January 3, 2018. None of the outbreak victims required hospitalization, and no deaths have been reported.

CDC Reports Epidemiologic Evidence Links Jimmy John’s Salmonella Montevideo Illnesses To Sprouts

To date, epidemiologic evidence indicates that raw sprouts served at Jimmy John’s restaurants are a likely source of the outbreak. Those sickened were interviewed for information regarding the foods they ate and other potential sources of Salmonella exposure for the week before they became ill. Seven of the eight people interviewed reported eating at multiple Jimmy John’s restaurants. Of these seven people, all reported eating raw sprouts on a sandwich from Jimmy John’s in Wisconsin and Illinois. The two ill people in Wisconsin reported eating at a single Jimmy John’s location in that state.

The CDC also indicated that traceback investigations are ongoing to determine “where the sprouts were distributed, and to learn more about the potential route of contamination.”

CDC Recommendations

On January 19, 2018, Jimmy John’s announced that it had directed all of its locations chain-wide to temporarily stop serving sprouts.  The CDC has made the following recommendations to help consumers stay safe:

“Raw or lightly cooked sprouts are a known source of foodborne illness.

  • Children, older adults, pregnant women, and people with weakened immune systems should avoid eating raw or lightly cooked sprouts of any kind (including alfalfa, clover, radish, and mung bean sprouts). People with weakened immune systems include people undergoing cancer treatment, people with HIV/AIDS, people with diabetes, and other groups.
  • If you are in one of these groups more likely to get a foodborne illness, ask food workers not to add raw or lightly cooked sprouts to your meal. If you buy a sandwich or salad at a restaurant or deli, check to make sure it does not contain raw sprouts.
  • If you choose to eat sprouts, cook them thoroughly to reduce the risk of illness. Thoroughly cooking sprouts kills the harmful bacteria.

Contact a healthcare provider if you think you got sick from eating raw or lightly cooked sprouts.

  • Most people infected with Salmonella develop the following signs and symptoms 12-72 hours after being exposed to the bacteria:
     Diarrhea
     Fever
     Abdominal cramps”

This investigation is considered ongoing, and the CDC will provide updates to the public when more information is available.

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