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June 10, 2016: New FDA Faulty Vape Reporting Program

Faulty Vape

As the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seeks to become more involved in the electronic cigarette (also known as “vape”) industry, the agency has expanded its program to an updated the online tool which allows consumers to report a problem or fault in their vape, or any other tobacco product. This new program comes a month after the FDA expands e-cigarette regulation.

Faulty Vape Reports Help FDA to Address Industry Problems

As the FDA describes,”The Department of Health and Human Services’ Safety Reporting Portal (SRP) provides a standardized way for consumers, health care professionals, manufacturers, and clinical investigators to let FDA know about an unexpected health or safety issue with a tobacco product.”

The FDA wants consumer to report such problems as:


  • reports of fire caused by tobacco product use
  • accidental or unintended exposure of children
  • allergic reactions, poisonings and other toxicities
  • an unusual reaction in a long-time user

With this information, the FDA can collect data on:

  • problems using the tobacco product
  • tobacco product mix-ups (such as labeling or packaging errors)
  • quality problems, such as unexpected appearance, smell or taste; foreign objects in the product or other possible contamination; or a defective or malfunctioning product
  • unusual health problems with any category of tobacco product, such as symptoms that are unusual in their type or severity, injuries or burns, or allergic reactions
  • pregnancy or fertility problems, harm to children or non-users, including accidental poisoning, choking or breathing tainted air

Once this data is collected, the FDA will be able to take steps to address specific issues on a large-scale, regulatory basis.

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