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October 12, 2016: Kuster’s Inc. Cheese Recall Amid Listeria Concerns

Kuster’s Inc. Cheese Recall Announcement – On October 12, 2016, Kuster’s, Inc. recalled 14,238 pounds of its various cheese products due to concerns of potential Listeria contamination.


Two of the many potentially contaminated products

Two of the many potentially contaminated products

Kuster’s Inc. Cheese Recall Information

Kuster’s, Inc. of Camden, MI, has recalled 14,238 pounds of its shredded, sliced and cubed cheese due to a possible Listeria contamination. According to the Press Release Kuster’s, Inc., was notified by its supplier, Farm Country Cheese, Lakeview, MI, that the cheese has the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. The shredded cheese was distributed in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Products included in the recall are: sharp white cheddar, mozzarella/muenster/provolone, Monterey Jack, pepper jack, four blend, three blend; pepper jack cubes; and co/jack slices. Product dates can be found in the bottom center of the label.

The shredded cheese was sold in 5 pound plastic bags under the Kuster’s Dairy Foods, Fata’s Best and Nor-Tech Dairy labels. Shredded cheese was packaged under the following labels:

• Kuster’s Dairy Foods Three Blend (pack date 10/05/16)
• Fata’s Best Four Blend Feather Shred (lot date 27916)
• Fata’s Best Mozzarella Muenster Provolone Feather Shred (lot date 27916)
• Fata’s Best Monterey Jack Feather Shred (lot date 27916)
• Fata’s Best PepperJack Feather Shred (Lot date 27816)
• Nor-Tech Dairy Mozz/Muenster/Prov Feather Shred (best used by: 12-05-2016)
• Nor-Tech Dairy Sharp White Cheddar Feather Shred (packed on 10.04.2016)

The cubed cheese was packaged under the following label:
• Nor-Tech Dairy Pepper Jack 3/4″ Cubed (packed on 10/04/2016)

The sliced cheese was packaged under the following label:
• Kuster’s Dairy Foods Sliced Colby Jack

About Listeria And Listeria Food Poisoning

Listeria monocytogenes is a bacterium capable of causing a serious and life-threatening foodborne infection known as listeriosis. Listeriosis is caused by eating food contaminated with Listeria bacteria. Healthcare professionals may use the terms “Listeria monocytogenes” or “Listeria” when referring to the bacteria and “listeriosis” when referring to the infection.

Listeria can be found throughout the environment in soil, water, and on plant material. Animals can carry Listeria without appearing ill, and may serve as a source of contamination for meat and dairy products. Listeria can be introduced to a food manufacturing facility by any of these food materials, resulting in the contamination of food processing equipment and the environment. Once Listeria contaminates the environmental surfaces of a food processing plant, it can be very difficult to eradicate.

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