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October 20, 2007: Quiznos Salmonella Outbreak – Rochester Quiznos Reopens

Quiznos Salmonella Outbreak UpdateA – Quiznos sub shop located in Rochester, Minnesota, reopened yesterday following closure due to a suspected Salmonella outbreak. The Quiznos was closed on Wednesday after 10 people, including 3 employees, became ill with Salmonella food poisoning.

The source of the Salmonella contamination has not been identified. Health officials are trying to determine if the Salmonella outbreak originated with contaminated food, or if the illness was spread by an employee.

Minnesota Department of Health spokesperson Doug Schultz said, “We are recommending at this time if people are showing indications of Salmonella they should see their physician.” Individuals experiencing Salmonella symptoms should also contact their county health department.

To learn more about Salmonella food poisoning, please see About Salmonella. You may also wish to visit our site dedicated to food safety and food poisoning litigation,

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