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December 28, 2007: Warning Issued About Roadside Sale of E. coli-Contaminated Ground Beef

After one of American Fresh Foods refrigerated trucks was stolen, the company is warning consumers in Texas not to purchase its ground beef under “questionable circumstances.”

With the possibility of roadside and parking lot sales of the 14,800 pounds of beef in the stolen truck, some of which may be contaminated with E. coli, the company is urging Texans not to eat any of its ground beef they may have procured outside of grocery stores.

The American Fresh Foods truck, which displays an “Xtra Lease” logo on both side panels of the trailer, is a 2000 Great Dane model with the trailer number Q61-232. The truck has a Maine license plate, with the number 1925071. 

Some of the ground beef in the stolen truck had been placed there by the company because of the possibility of E. coli contamination.

American Fresh Foods, based in Forth Worth, and local and state authorities are working together to retrieve the stolen truck and its contents.

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