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February 3, 2008: Grassy Meadows Cheese May Be Contaminated With Staph

Public health officials are warning consumers in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan not to consume certain cheeses produced by Grassy Meadows Dairy, Howe Indiana, because the cheese may be contaminated with the foodborne pathogen, Staphylococcus aureus. Healthcare professionals often refer to the bacterium and its disease as “staph” and “staph food poisoning”.

Affected products include, but are not limited to:

  • Colby, lots 210317 and 19177
  • Jalapeno Natural, lots 2617, 21017, and 11017
  • “Homemade,'' lots 19267 and 19227
  • Monterey Jack, lots 18207 and 2937
  • Garlic Pepper, lot 19147

The cheeses were sold as wedges of block of various weights.

According to an Indiana State press release:

Due to the nature of the manufacturing process for raw milk cheese, BOAH [Indiana State Board of Animal Health] advises consumers not to eat any cheese from this facility purchased prior to January 30, 2008. According to Terry Philibeck, Director of BOAH Dairy Divison, the agency has not yet been able to identify when the staph contamination began. Cheese purchased prior to January may be contaminated.

Grassy Meadows products were sold directly to consumers from the dairy farm, located in LaGrange County, Ind., as well as more than a dozen retail health food stores in Northeastern/Fort Wayne Indiana region. BOAH is working to secure a complete list of retails outlets that carry this product.

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