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November 1, 2007: Topps Recalled Meat Still Found in NJ Stores

New Jersey state investigators have found 138 boxes of Topps recalled frozen hamburger patties on store shelves more than a month after the recall became public. Seven stores in Hudson County were selling the recalled products.

After consumer safety inspectors bought 19 boxes of recalled beef in Union City last Wednesday, an investigation was launched throughout Hudson County. Inspectors made trips to 197 retail stores.

"The public's health is clearly endangered by having these recalled products available for purchase and consumption," said Attorney General Anne Milgram. "We want to know what other stores may have purchased these products from the distributor and immediately inspect those stores."

In a related story, last week the Davis County (Utah) Health Department found recalled ConAgra frozen pot pies still on shelves at seven county grocery stores. The pot pies had been recalled for possible Salmonella contamination.

Consumers are urged to check their freezers for any recalled pot pies or hamburger patties.

The Topps recall, the second largest beef recall in the nation’s history, was issued on September 29 after E. coli O157:H7 was discovered in the company’s frozen hamburger patties. A week later, Topps closed down its operations. A total of 40 people in eight states suffered food poisoning from eating recalled products. The investigation into the source of the E. coli contamination is ongoing.

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