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November 9, 2007: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Recalls Aqua Dots by Spin Master

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced a recall of the children’s toy, Aqua Dots, due to risk of coma, respiratory depression, and seizures if the beads are ingested. 

The coating on the Aqua Dot beads, that causes the beads to stick together when water is added, contains a chemical that can be toxic if children ingest the beads.  Aqua Dot beads should be taken away from children immediately.  

The CPSC has received two reports of injuries in children who swallowed Aqua Dots.  After swallowing the beads, two children became dizzy and vomited before slipping into a comatose state. Both children were hospitalized, and have since recovered. 

The Aqua Dots toy kit allows children to create multi-dimensional figures using small colored beads. The beads fuse together when sprayed with water. The recall applies to all models of Aqua Dots. Various Aqua Dot kits with accessories such as a drying fan, applicator pen, design templates for the beads, and spray bottle, were sold by mass merchandisers nationwide from April 2007 through November 2007. 

Aqua Dots were distributed by Spin Master, of Toronto, Canada, and manufactured in China.  Consumers are reminded to immediately take Aqua Dot toy products away from children. 

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