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October 11, 2007: North Carolina Children Sick with E. coli Food Poisoning Connected with Cargill Hamburger Patties Sold at Sam’s Club

Two North Carolina children became ill after eating Cargill ground beef patties purchased at Sam’s Club in Durham. Both children had attended a cookout on September 15 where grilled hamburgers were served.

According to the State Laboratory of Public Health in North Carolina, the children were infected with E. coli O15:H7, which is the strain of the pathogen associated with the Cargill outbreak.

The children experienced symptoms of E. coli food poisoning, including bloody diarrhea, but they did not develop complications. The children have recovered. No other guest at the cookout has reported becoming ill.

Public health officials have urged consumers to check to make sure they do not have the contaminated ground beef in their homes.

“If you have frozen ground beef patties, check to see if they are part of the recall; if they are, then throw them away or return them to the store,” said North Carolina State Epidemiologist Dr. Jeff Engel. “Anytime you cook hamburger, always make sure to cook it until it is no longer pink and the juice runs clear.”

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