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September 18, 2008: NY Dialysis Center Closed As One Patient Contracts Hepatitis C; Others Placed At Risk

Life Care Dialysis Center has been closed after State Health Department inspectors discovered unsanitary conditions and practices at the center, and learned that at least one patient had contracted hepatitis C.  Life Care Dialysis Center is located at 221 West 61st Street, Manhattan. 

During a NY Health Department inspection of the center this past August, blood was found on treatment chairs and equipment. Inspectors also discovered that employees did not wash their hands properly, disinfect equipment, or wear gloves when going from patient to patient. 

“It was repulsive,” stated Health Department spokeswoman Claudia Hutton.  “The treatment chairs that they gave people to relax in had someone else’s dried blood on them.” 

More than 600 patients, treated at the center since January of 2004, were contacted by the NY State Health Department and urged to get tested for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV. 

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