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September 20, 2007: Baby’s Bliss Gripe Water Recalled for Possible Crypto Contamination

A liquid herbal supplement to treat colic and teething pain has been recalled by the distributor after several unopened bottles tested positive for Cryptosporidium. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration carried out the tests after a six-week-old baby in Minnesota became ill.

MOM Enterprises in San Rafael, California, recalled approximately 17,600 bottles of apple-flavored Baby’s Bliss Gripe Water with an expiration date of October 2008. The supplement was distributed through stores and the Internet. There have been no other reports of illness.

Cryptosporidium, which causes the illness cryptosporidiosis, is a parasite that lives in the intestines of infected people or animals and is excreted in feces. Infection, therefore, is the fecal to oral route.

Symptoms of cryptosporidiosis may include stomach cramps or pain, watery diarrhea (the most common symptom), fever, nausea, vomiting, dehydration, malaise, malnutrition and weight loss (in more severe cases). Symptoms may occur from one to 10 days after infection and will last for approximately two weeks in healthy individuals.

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