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A Firm Experienced in Blood Product Litigation

Clotting Factor Lawsuit HelpAttorney Eric Weinberg was instrumental in obtaining a $640 million dollar class action settlement for individuals with hemophilia who were injured by HIV-contaminated clotting factors. Mr. Weinberg obtained settlements in cases for individuals in New Jersey and New York who suffered HIV infection for an additional amount of over $30 million.

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, in one of the most tragic pharmaceutical cases in our nation’s history, more than 50 % of the 17,000 individuals with hemophilia and 80% of those with severe hemophilia were infected with HIV through the use of contaminated clotting factor. The Law Firm of Eric H. Weinberg represented individuals with hemophilia, their families, and their survivors in product liability and failure to warn claims against four global pharmaceutical companies responsible for manufacturing the HIV-contaminated blood plasma products. For more than a decade, Eric Weinberg worked to obtain justice for his clients. He helped change the law in New Jersey and New York in order to extend the statutes of limitations that would have otherwise barred claims against the responsible companies. He served on the Executive Committee of the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee in Multidistrict Litigation 986, in the Federal District Court of Northern Illinois, and he represented individual clients in New Jersey and New York trial courts.

Mr. Weinberg is a former Trustee of the Hemophilia Association of New Jersey. In 1995, the Association presented him with its President’s Award, given in recognition of extraordinary service to the Hemophilia Community.

Blood Product Safety

Although the FDA issues and enforces regulations that are designed to keep our nation’s blood supply and blood products safe, and public heath advocacy groups work tirelessly to protect citizens, it is the blood and pharmaceutical industry that is ultimately responsible for the safety of individual blood products. Increased oversight of the blood industry by FDA, improvements in donor screening and acceptance, advances in testing for pathogens, and improvements in public health surveillance have reduced the risk associated with receiving blood products. It is critical that the blood industry follow all steps necessary to reduce the degree of risk to patients using their products.

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