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Mediation For Complex Litigation Matters

Eric H. Weinberg, Esq. is available to help adversaries in complex litigation matters reach agreement on the resolution of claims in a mutually satisfactory and time- and cost-effective manner. His ready grasp of complex issues and ability to focus parties on the key issues in dispute is joined with a comforting and open manner, which encourages parties to speak freely and to share information with him, based upon their confidence and trust in his perspective.

Why You Should Consider The Weinberg Law Firm To Assist With Your Mediation Needs

For over 25 years, Mr. Weinberg has litigated cases involving the design and marketing of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. He has played a leading role in the discovery of evidence and the resolution of pharmaceutical mass tort litigations. His broad experience in scientific, regulatory, and legal issues has been crucial to the success of the cases he has prepared and tried in state and federal courts.

Having worked as an attorney for thousands of plaintiffs, Mr. Weinberg brings to the table a profound understanding of individual medical and causation issues in complex cases, and how these issues factor into the value of individual cases, given the potential issues to be confronted in trial. In his practice, Mr. Weinberg has developed professional relationships with world-class experts in a wide variety of disciplines; he has crafted winning cutting-edge legal theories in complex cases; and he has personally settled, for both individual and class action plaintiffs, matters in which more than $800 million was recovered for his clients.

Although he has been an aggressive and effective advocate in pharmaceutical litigation, Mr. Weinberg has earned the respect of the defense bar for his ethics, integrity, and competence. Indeed, a former adversary, a nationally recognized pharmaceutical defense attorney and senior partner at one of the foremost pharmaceutical defense firms in the country, recently retained Mr. Weinberg, along with counsel for the plaintiffs, to mediate 50 pharmaceutical cases involving an antibiotic alleged to have caused extensive injuries, including liver disease and death. Attorney Eric Weinberg successfully mediated the matter to a settlement of all the claims.

Mr. Weinberg has experience in large federal and state civil and criminal cases. He represented insurance companies early in his legal career, and tried many matters to conclusion in courts across New Jersey. He has represented plaintiffs in civil matters in trials in federal and state courts.

How To Contact The Weinberg Law Firm For NJ Mediation Services

The Weinberg Law Firm can be reached by calling our toll free number at 1-877-934-6274, or our local number at 732-246-7080. Our phones are answered 24/6. The Weinberg Law Firm is conveniently located in downtown New Brunswick, New Jersey.

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Contact Weinberg Law Firm. You may also call us 24/7 at our toll free number, 1(877) 934-6274.